Being in the right place at the right time.

It's easier said than done.

Your customers have preferences. Can you hear them?


Get precise with your retention campaigns

Identify at risk customers from newly acquired, to one time buyers, to customers who you have a history with.

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Get smarter with your nurture strategies

Balance customer intent with Expected Life Time Value (LTV) to create optimal customer nurture campaigns


Be confident in your customer understanding

Customer expectations aren't one-and-done.

It's not sufficient to evaluate your customers once a quarter or once a century. We need to monitor and update our strategies to remain relevant.

  • Continuously analyze user generated content
  • Identify patterns in buying behaviors
  • Improve product interactions
  • Extend the impact of marketing campaigns

Unlock the power of machine learning in text, audio and images.

In minutes, not days

Whether examining customer service records or taking a deeper look at existing surveys, we are happy to provide a no-strings demonstration of Xmata using your data.

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