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A simple and easy way to understand your customers and their emotions.

Stop guessing what customers care about and start seeing it.

No coding. No engineers. Just results.

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Looking to discover new communities on Instagram?

By monitoring the relationships between hashtags across all content, Xmata can help you discover the most related communities. No more guessing or countless hours on Instagram.

Accelerate Your Intuition

It's like having a data scientist in your pocket.

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Your customers are more than a click-through-rate

Emotions move mountains yet businesses struggle to measure them.

Xmata provides a consistent measurement of customer emotions.

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Turn the anecdotal into confirmed patterns

We may read posts or reviews here and there but that doesn't give us the full picture. There just isn't enough time.

Enter Xmata. It reads every post and looks at every image so you don't have to.

This creates consistent results you can trust.

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Leverage your insights for better experiences

Whether you write ad copy or ensure consistent customer experiences, it's time to accelerate your insights so the action that moves the world is at hand.

Don't spend your time or money wading through customer surveys and reviews. Let Xmata do the arduous work, so you can focus on thrilling customers and growing your business.

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Alignment with customer emotions improves sales.

Curious about the data and reporting on how customer emotions impact sales?

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