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When the foot is connected to the heart

The Bombas story

be the default choice for your customers

Differentiating with socks

Spotlight on Bombas.

How do you differentiate on socks? Not just any socks but pricey socks? What is the secret for creating a $100M revenue company in a segment that is not always top of mind for us.

Join us to uncover the secrets of Bombas and discuss the lessons that you can take for your own brand

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Questions we will answer

How well is Bombas doing against what customers expect?

How deep is the connection between Bombas and it's customers? Is it superficial or customers connected at the emotional level?

How well is Bombas doing relative to other brands in the socks category?

What key take aways can we apply to our own brands?

Your Host

Muneer is the CEO and co-founder of Xmata. When not obsessing about customers, Muneer spends time trying to keep up with his kids, cooking and dreaming about playing soccer in the post-covid era.

Muneer MubashirMuneer Mubashir

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