Xmata can help with brand management and customer alignment.


Analyze brand performance against customer priorities.

Customer feedback and brand feedback occur on disparate sources.

Xmata helps you consolidate feedback from social media, product and app reviews, support channels, email, and more.

See the patterns that motivate customers and take action to improve alignment.

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See for yourself how emotionally connected your brand is

  • Emotionally connected customers drive 5% increase in revenue
  • 8 in 10 emotionally engaged customers promote the brand
  • 86% of connected customers think of the brand when they need something
  • 1 negative interaction needs 22 positive interactions to overcome

How are you measuring up against customer expectcations?

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Improving alignment with customer emotions improves revenue.

For more insights, we've provided a summary of the impacts you can expect with better alignment.

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Your data and analysis are siloed.

Your competition isn't.

Make the most important comparision you can — to your competition.

  • Measure your brand alignment
  • Measure your competition

With Xmata, it's no longer a mystery or enigma of guessing. Know where you stand compared to your competitors.

Unlock the power of machine learning in text, audio and images.

In minutes, not days

Whether examining customer service records or taking a deeper look at existing surveys, we are happy to provide a no-strings demonstration of Xmata using your data.

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