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  • One monitor for Twitter posts
  • One monitor for Instagram hashtags
  • Unlimited File Uploads
  • 10K Maximum Words Processed
  • 1K Maximum Images Procssed

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  • Five monitors for Twitter posts
  • Five monitors for Instagram hashtags
  • Unlimited File Uploads
  • 250K Maximum Words Processed
  • 10K Maximum Images Procssed

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  • 10 monitors for Twitter posts
  • 10 monitors for Instagram hashtags
  • Unlimited File Uploads
  • 3 Million Maximum Words Processed
  • 500K Maximum Images Procssed

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Frequently Asked Questions

Xmata currently processes text and images.

Our text processing is set up to help you understand customers needs from email correspondances, product reviews, or social media channels like Twitter and Instagram.

Image analytics will provide you with insight into the context your customers are using your products. When an image is uploaded showing the product, where is it? We'll help you understand this.

Xmata will automatically monitor Twitter and Instagram for hashtags or phrases relevant to your business.

You tell us what you need (@your_handle or #someImportantHashtag) and we get the data for you.

Xmata will update the searches automatically every day so you can spot new trends and important topics immediately.

Xmata processes both the text and images contained within Instagram posts. We monitor for both hashtags you provide and, optionally, mentions of your company.

This means you can gain insight into what customers are saying and in what context they say it.

Xmata processes text contained within tweets. We monitor for keywords, phrases, and hashtags you provide.

It's more than just the number of mentions — it's gaining insight into what customers are saying without having to directly ask.

Xmata supports comma-separated-values (.csv) files.

During the upload process, we'll make sure you provide all the right information to get the most from your data.

Xmata can monitor both for mentions of your brand and your competitors on both Twitter and Instagram. We also help you identify the important pattners within all the chatter.