Stand out with a deeper understanding of customer emotions.

People are more than click-through rates, dwell times and conversion rates. But this is all the industry has. Until now.

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Xmata is purpose-built to help marketing, operation and customer support professionals better understand their customers.

Beyond unanswered surveys and click-through rates, Xmata helps you answer real questions with real impact:

  • What part of your service do your customers like?
  • What do customers like about your competitors' products?
  • Across social media and direct inquiries, what topics are customers dicussing?
  • Is there a topic in customer support inquiries emerging with consistently negative sentiment?

Answer these questions and more in minutes with Xmata.

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Alignment with customer emotions improves sales.

Curious about the data and reporting on how customer emotions impact sales?

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How does Xmata do it?

Founded to make your life simple

Xmata focuses on creating a simple product to help you analyze text, audio and images.

Here's what we do:

  1. Pull content from Twitter, Instagram or use data you upload
  2. Use enterprise-grade machine learning to
    • Automatically identify important topics within text
    • Identify the emotional sentiment for each topic
    • Provide contextual insights into image contents and scenes
  3. Help you find the patterns so you can take action
We basically put a data scientist into your pocket.

Your customers are just a click-away

What will they read about you on their next search?

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