Xmata is a Covid-era startup in Portland, Oregon.

Xmata is a Covid-era startup in Portland, Oregon. We're focused on making customer interactions count.

We founded Xmata on the premise that marketing, sales and product professionals all struggle to understand their customers. Data is everywhere, inputs are overwhelming us and there just aren't enough data scientists to go around.

Combining obsessions with software and consumer marketing, Xmata seeks to create actionable insights from the patterns in customers' text, images and audio.

Our Team


Muneer Mubashir

Co-Founder and CEO

Muneer has spent his entire career bringing technology products to market; whether it be at startups like early internet pioneer Marimba, Portland based ad-tech Billups or established companies like BMC and HP.

At HP, Muneer was responsible for the world-wide marketing functions for category leading products such as HP Helion Cloud Management, and A.I based predictive analytics. Recently at Billups, Muneer launched the Industry’s first A.I driven outdoor advertising planning and attribution platform.


James DiPadua

Co-founder and CTO

James is a 15-year software technologist who worked with multipleVC-backed startups in the Silicon Valley.

After deep involvement in crowdsourcing, James shifted his attentionto big data problems. His obsession with machine learning started at an analytics company he started in 2013 focused on predicting prices for collectibles on the secondary markets. After a detour for a MSc, James began ML research at Portland-based ad tech Billups and ultimately lead the data science team at Vacasa.


Adria Mooney

Co-Founder, Lead Full Stack Developer

Adria has over a decade of experience as a developer working on SaaS products for both established companies and early stage startups. She loves building new things and keeping the startup dream alive.


Kelsey Puttkamer

Head of Customer Success

Kelsey grew up in the fly-over states selling travel trailers and RV’s. She didn’t have high-speed internet until she was well out of high school but that didn’t slow her down. After years of working in various industries across the country she has found her home in software. She is profoundly dedicated to each customer experience and doesn’t settle for satisfactory.